Day 201


Still percolating along with the recent self-work as well as making headway with helping little W (second classroom observation today, plus visit to pediatrician, message left with neuro/behavioral ped for a new patient eval etc) but I’m gonna dial it in today and just share a couple articles that have passed through the brain pan in the last week or so:

A recent and extensive study on health and alcohol consumption that has countries around the world changing their guidelines.

How the alcohol industry is brainwashing us through research

And lastly:

How to Know if You’ve Married the Wrong Person

Feeling grateful that today’s classroom visit went well, and provided a better look into what is going on with W. Grateful to get a meditation in before both boys were up this morning – it really helped. Grateful that work has been super slow today, so I’ve been able to spend time following up on doctor and insurance research etc, and grateful that the storm has passed for big C and I, now back to the usual stasis of not talking about the emotional stuff between us, just the household logistics – but at least we’re doing it without the rough edges. The “I love yous” and nightly hugs have not returned yet, but maybe tonight.