Day 203


Dip, by David Galletly


I sat in front of the computer last night before bed, trying to think of something to post but nothing coherent to say… thanks 420 Friday.

Today, with brain going in too many directions – kids, yard work, freelance, yoga, evening plans, I’m not much better.

I’ll just leave with this thought from my recent meditations:

What you resist in others is an indication of what you resist in yourself. 

Yet another reason to work on acceptance, right?

Today, I’m grateful for C taking boys to gymnastics so I could attend yoga, for the yummy dinner smells coming up from the kitchen, for a growing friendship with a neighbor and her kids who we spent time with this afternoon, for getting a large part of my weekend freelance work done during boys nap (and I’m grateful they went down easily and stayed asleep for 2 hrs), that it’s Saturday night – looking forward to spending it relaxing with C – and I’m grateful we’re in a place where I can say that!