Day 223


What a week. I’m about to sign out from work and head home, looking forward to spending the evening with my family. 

Grateful for the lack of personal investment I currently feel at work, where stress balls of impossible deadlines, angry client expectations, and “we’re gonna need to work the weekend” conversations are flying around. I just keep ducking my head, in spite of my Ego which keeps wanting to fix it all.

I’ve done my part, and now am headed home for the more important stuff. It’s been a couple weeks, so I’m looking forward to smoking a little after the kids go to bed – maybe C will even join me. Usually, when we do, the conversation is more connected than usual.

I’ll have to unpack that thought later…the boys are calling.

PM Update:

Well, I’d forgotten that C had a concert gig in NY tonight. It was nice to see him briefly before he headed out the door, beer in hand. Yes, he took a “roadie”. Did I freak out on him a little bit? Yes, yes I did. Might have even called him “Bud”, which I only ever use with the boys.

..but then, headed in to do baths and bedtime with the little boys (after chasing them around the yard a few times). If he has an accident tonight, my last words to him were “Please be safe on your drive home!!” given with a glare of death. Maybe I should have added an “I love you” too.

Dinner and relax, next on the agenda.