Day 224

The anatomy of a flower, by Rachel Ignotofsky


Morning yoga alignment, then fun times with the boys (picnic lunch is always a hit), then planted veggies and herbs in the garden and mowed the lawn. Now… I’m showered up before supper. All in all, a well-rounded Saturday. I’ve got that zen relax from all the exercise and outdoor time, and almost… almost… wanted a glass of chill chardonnay to call this moment perfect.

Then I reached for a La Croix, ice and a slice of lemon and didn’t miss the wine for more than a second.

Grateful for so much today: the boys have been a delight, C has been in a good mood – last night’s “road pop” didn’t turn into a late night problem, chores done together with the boys (!!!) who helped out, and even fit an awesome yoga class in.

I found myself feeling a deep hopefulness while mowing the lawn – in the past, a time often spent ruminating about the state of my marriage. There is something about watching the seasons come and go, the death and decay of winter being replaced by the slow but sure greening and growth of spring, that helps remind me that nothing is for forever. Even in the periods of our life where it feels like everything is destroyed, dead, or dormant, change is happening underground and before you know it, a season of life will spring up.