Day 284


Well I’ve put my finger on another trigger. Not a surprising one, but for some reason it hadn’t really risen to the level of conscious thought until last night.

We attended our good friend’s surprise 60th, an enjoyable evening with a mix of friends and people we’d never met from his life. Overall, it wasn’t a stressful situation. Everyone around me was drinking (hey – open bar!), and I was surprised at the need to “come out” to a couple of our beach crew who didn’t know I’d quit. 

One of them seemed quite taken aback. “Really? Completely??” I just brushed it off, saying “Honestly, I don’t even miss it” as I headed to the bar for a Pepsi.

I was happy to drive us home, C’d had quite a few.

But when we arrived home, I was surprised to feel a strong urge to use a substance to decompress. In the end, I didn’t drink or smoke, but decided instead to read a book.

So people. Too many people in a social setting triggered that need.

Lesson learned! Next time, I’ll be more prepared.