Day 292

Spindrift blackberry spritzer


In spite of work & home distractions, I’m remaining focused on party prep (of course, the most important thing now that I’m finally excited about it!). And today’s post is a plug for the new sparkling drink I’ve discovered:


It’s sparkling water with fruit juice, no added sugar or color. And it’s amazing.

I’ve been drinking the La Croix like they’re going out of style, but my brother just turned me on to these… which if you’re looking for something bubbly & refreshing with a little flavor, and just the right amount of actual not-to-sweet natural fruit juice – this is it!

I’d been looking for a “dry” sparkling drink, and I finally found it. Blackberry Spindrift is perfect. The perfect balance of little sour, a little sweet, and a little sparkle.

I’m going to experiment tonight by adding this to the party cocktail taste-testing (C is helping out) – it may end up replacing ginger beer with this as the soda for one of the drinks. That is, of course, if I decide to share the 18-pack I just bought.

Now I’m off to invite the neighbors – given that we’re having live music, it’s the polite thing to do… plus, I’m excited!