Day 293

Silence/Shapes, by Filippo Minelli


Feeling a bit pink-cloud-ish today, and enjoying it. 

Driving in to work, I found myself reviewing all the ways that my life has improved since quitting – spurred by a photo I took recently where I look thinner, happier and healthier. And it’s true, life IS better.

Sure, the usual ups and downs are still there. My marriage still needs a lot of work. The world is going to hell in a hand basket. My kids drive me nuts, and it drives me nuts that they drive me nuts.

But overall, it helps to take a look back and see how far I’ve come.

Scrolling through my phone looking for an old picture, I found a similar picture of myself from a year ago. At the time, I would not have said I was unhealthy, or fat, or unhappy for the most part. But seeing that picture in comparison with the one taken recently shows a striking difference.

Not only am I thinner, my skin healthier, my smile more centered and real – but my eyes are brighter. I’m more alert than I was a year ago.

Grateful for this reminder of how much has changed for the better – especially when I’ve been a bit down lately.

Tomorrow is the big party, so I’m equally excited and stressed out (weather is still predicting ~50% chance of rain)… but I’m looking forward to experiencing the hostess role completely sober. No worries about saying or doing the wrong thing under the influence!