Day 298

Asbury Park, NJ


So my 15yo niece, Z, is visiting this week – which is pretty awesome. She and I have been close ever since she was little, and I’m psyched to be spending time with her. I’m still working so there is a bit of juggling happening during the days – today I worked from a beach-front restaurant in Asbury Park while she shopped the boardwalk. Tomorrow we head into Brooklyn to visit family and do the same.

Thanks to her presence in the evening, I’m curbing any pot smoking and going to bed early – so I can thank her for that.

As much as I framed my reaction to the aftermath of the party positively on Monday, there have been some enduring effects that have weighed on me since then – and I am trying to ward off the internal doldrums to be 100% present for Z.

Grateful for the sobriety to process this in the rare spaces I have around work & home life right now, and for an appointment with a new therapist tomorrow. Things with C and I have been good since the party – we always work well together when hosting, and it’s a bonding experience. The boys are their usual hilarious and strenuous selves, who I adore completely. Life is good.

PS. I may be a bit absent over the next few days due to Z’s visit – but guaranteed, staying sober is still on the agenda.