Day 305


Somewhere in there I fell off the wagon.

The journal wagon, that is.

Still 100% stone cold sober. Even after a week with my niece. Actually, it was a totally awesomeee week (said in an exaggerated teen voice with a little vocal fry at the end).

I learned a lot. Like that my Adidas sneakers are Basic White Girl, although I’d like to think I’m not basic. Hypies are kids who wear only high-end labels like Gucci & Prada. Flossing is more than just a hygiene staple, although the dance move is already out of fashion with the older kids (“only little kids do it now”). And I finally know how to Snapchat. But btw, Facebook/Snapchat/Instagram are all boring… VSCO is the new platform. Just images, very little chatting/text. And apparently, getting the right content for your curated VSCO collection takes a lot of energy and thought.

My mind filled with sunshine, surf style, boardwalk eats, horrible horror movies (Teeth, anyone?), and loads of conversations about life in a 15yo’s world, I’m still catching up with my usual routine and life expectations but it’s taking a while.

In the words of Z, I’m shook.