Day 55


Another great day with family today but for some reason it’s been really tough fighting the urges. We spent the afternoon and evening at C’s sisters with the whole crew, all of the adults enjoying multiple open bottles of good quality wine, some beer and bourbon mixed in too. 

And damn, the wine looked so so good. The deep ruby red, swirling in large wine glasses, leaving sexy legs behind. Cheese pairings, crackers and bread, my galette (as decadent as I’d hoped, pastry crust and all), and the perfect unseasonably warm fall day. 

I know I was romanticizing the moment and I know that if I drank, it wouldn’t really be like that, but DAMN, it was hard.

Now, I’m ducking out early with plans to put the boys down and chill on my own while the others stay here and play games, drink & “party” as much as a classy, restrained family of Germans can. 

Feeling a bit sad and lonely.