Day 79


The fun continues today. But rather than bore anyone with the ongoing flu debacle happening around here, I’d rather provide an honest update on my coping mechanisms for quitting.

When I started this process, I had a list of ways I thought I would avoid drinking, and things I’d do to replace the urge. Healthy ways, for the most part. And I’ve reported on a few of them here: exercise, reading, listening to music, working on creative projects.

But as the Amazon Prime packages roll in in time for Christmas, I must admit there are a few not-as-healthy replacements that I’ve been noticing, primarily online shopping and social media addiction.

I’ve excused the shopping with Christmas, and the fact that I’m pulling in time-and-a-half a lot lately for the extra freelance hours. But I can see it’s not a great trend.

And the SM stuff – I always had a weakness for that, but now, I often find myself obsessively, compulsively scrolling Facebook late at night when I KNOW I should be in bed. The same kind of feeling I’d have while making my late evening drinks… I’m gonna regret this, why am I doing this, I know better, every day it’s the same story…

What is it with unhealthy addictions? Guess I have some self-work to do… I’m obviously not getting to the root of the problem yet.