Day 97


Today didn’t feel like a Friday. This week has been weird – all vacation and snow days. It feels like I haven’t seen another adult in days, except for C. And now, I’m lined up to work through the weekend as well. Such a blur of work/play/sleep.

I’m interrupting that tonight to take a break and watch a movie with C, although I very easily could keep working. But the brain needs a release.

It’s interesting, the further I get into this quitting thing, the more I’m appreciating the replacements I’m using to unplug: hot peppermint tea & toast, reading, long hot showers, and now, meditation. They’re doing what they are supposed to do – it’s working. For some reason, that surprises me.

So dependent on alcohol to be the only thing that would work, that when something else does – it seems strange.

Now, I’m off to unplug. My usual Friday smoke is on the agenda, so I’m kinda cheating, but I feel the wheels in motion on that change as well.