Day 98

Fake News icon, Máximo Gavete


Too much juggling today, my brain is fried. 

Boys had gymnastics, so we finally got out of the house. And I fit in a pilates class. All good fun. Then lunch, naps and freelance. I’ve put in 6 hrs of work today and am just deciding that’s enough.

Can’t say it was a banner day for my intentions. I got snippy with C, raised my voice with the little guys, and just felt overwhelmed in general. Like no matter where I turned, something or someone was waiting for me with urgency – and in C’s case, resentment (I didn’t help take down the Christmas tree due to being glued to my computer). And I just wasn’t able to give anyone everything they needed from me.

Work got the better part of me today though – and I’m not great at managing that stress. Sigh.

Going to go put my PJs on and read for a bit, then if I’m still asleep maybe a little meditation before bed.

It’s been an awesome way to relax before falling asleep.

PS. Just downloaded Mindsight, by Daniel J. Siegel – on my reading list for awhile. Looking forward to reading that in my free time. hahahaha!